10 Tips to Keep Yourself on Track with Running

We all have moments when we would prefer running to just jog on – so Bluecoat Sports have decided to give you a few tips to keep your running on track this spring, especially for those of you running the 10k on site this month!

1. Sprint your way to a new social life

Running alone can be very therapeutic and is a great way to keep fit – but it’s very easy to cancel your running date with yourself, especially during a busy week.

Joining a running group or buddying up with a friend is an excellent way of merging your social life and fitness regime. You’ll be less likely to cancel on your friends (even if it’s raining) and you’ll enjoy having a giggle while you jog. Whether you make new friends or catch up with old mates, it will add structure and fun to your running this spring!

2. Take steps towards your goal

Give yourself a target to hit in an achievable time frame and your motivation to keep running will soar! If you’re new to running start off with a 5k or 10k. Local and less intimidating races can be found all over Sussex, with Mel’s Milers being on the Christ’s Hospital site itself. If you are more experienced, set yourself a challenging time limit or why not go whole hog with the London Marathon?! You’ll love the buzz you get on race day and it will add structure to your fitness regime.

3. Go carbohydrate crazy

Fitness and carbohydrates – not always something you would think goes hand in hand! The longer the distance you’ll be running the more you’ll need to ‘carb load’ to prevent you hitting a wall during a long race. Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to stuff your face with pasta before long training runs too!

4. Distract your brain

For the runs that you go on alone, they can get a bit dull and you may tend to focus more on the aches and breathlessness! The best way to keep yourself going is to distract your brain.

Plan outdoor runs in scenic places – trek up the South Downs or hit the coast line to switch up your usual routine. Don’t forget your mp3, with a running playlist of upbeat and motivational music that will make you feel more like you are having a boogie than running. You might end up belting some lyrics out…so you might get strange looks.

5. H2O

The more you exercise, the more water you need!

Take a bottle with you on runs, to keep yourself topped up and try to drink more water throughout the day. Don’t worry about losing time during a race to stop for water – this is essential to keep your body going and prevent you from flagging.

6. Rest for the racer

Giving yourself rest days, especially whilst training for a race, is essential. Don’t be SO motivated that you then give yourself an injury. Rest days are essential for your body to recover, as well as maintain your motivation. So put your feet up, make yourself a cup of tea and relax – guilt free!

7. Pick the generous route

So you’ve set yourself that 10k goal, but you still aren’t feeling very motivated.

Why not run on behalf of a charity that is close to your heart. You could set up a team to keep it social or run for a more personal cause. Either way, it is sure to give you that extra push you need to put on those running shoes.

8. Strut your stuff

If you’re going to be running more often, make sure you invest in some decent trainers and sportswear that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Certain materials are excellent for managing sweat, so make sure you’ve shopped around and done some research. As far as aesthetics go, it is whatever you feel confident in, whether that is bright orange shorts or more demure black running trousers!

Remember – nothing new on race day – so resist wearing your new sports top as it might start riding up during the race and put you off.

9. Run, Swim, Dance. Repeat.

Make sure you have a variety of exercise in your routine. Running alone will make you more likely to incur injuries and you’ll get bored quicker! Combine running with swimming, weight training or classes.

Swimming will be especially good if you get out of breath quickly on runs as you’ll lungs have to work against the water’s pressure. Weights will help your muscles remain strong and healthy. Classes with a motivational instructor will be a fun all round alternative. You’ll improve your running, achieve wider fitness goals and avoid injury – all while having more fun!

10. Gallop to glory

Don’t feel defeated or beat yourself up if you missed yesterday’s run or you didn’t make your goal time. Keep thinking positively! It doesn’t matter how slow you run – you’ll still be lapping everyone sat at home on the sofa!

Are you going to be at Christ’s Hospital running Mel’s Milers 10k? Are you an experienced runner who can add to our tips? Tweet us or leave us a Facebook comment with any more suggestions! Know a beginner runner – why not share this with them and show your support?

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