Biggest Loser Found Off-Court

A lot of losing went on throughout the month of February, but no one more than one Valentine hopeful.

Once again it was the 4th team who flew the Bluecoats flag highest. A 3-2 win away at West Worthing ensured the feckless fours would lift off the bottom of Division 4. And yes, Tim Canham lost.

No wins in three for teams 2 & 3 means they both continue to prop up Division 3. However, with games in hand to be played by the 2nds there is a strong chance of leapfrogging those nearest to them.

West Worthing Squash Club was the scene of afore mentioned Valentines mishap. A tall, ginger fellow, usually found representing Bluecoats 1st team, had arranged to meet a seemingly lovely and reliable young lady for pre-match drinks and banter. Unfortunately, in the end, said local lass found something better to do. Washing her hair, updating her address book and arranging her DVD’s into alphabetical order were apparently too pressing to ignore.

At this point, I must apologise to my opponent that evening. Having cleaned my shoes and brushed my hair, only to be stood up, I was in no mood to lose any more than I already had. 9/2, 9/1, 9/4 were the game scores. It was an awkward, emotional and abruptly ending encounter; much like the date would have been.

Dave Hutchins fought well to win a difficult 5th string match. However loses at 2, 3 and 4 meant a 3-2 loss would end a 3 game winning streak.

The 1st team currently sit 3rd in the Division 2 table.

Kit Pearman
Club Coach, No.1 and Poster Boy


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