New Facilities Coming to BCS

Plans include four new Padel courts, a 400m running track and an exercise adventure trail

New Facilities:

After several years of planning, we are absolutely delighted to announce that – thanks to Christ’s Hospital School – the construction of brand new facilities at Bluecoat Sports (BCS) will begin in August 2023.

The new development will include four Padel courts, a 400m running track and a unique outdoor exercise adventure trail – the first of its kind in the UK.

There will also be a new access road directly to BCS from Christs Hospital Road and a new car park built on the north side of the centre, providing much-needed additional parking spaces.

The new facilities will be available to members and students at Christ’s Hospital School, in addition to local sports clubs and other groups. It is hoped that they will be ready to use by autumn 2024.

The new facilities will encompass: 

  • Four Padel courts – an easy-to-learn, fun and sociable form of tennis and the fastest growing racket sport in the UK.  It is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court slightly smaller than a doubles tennis court.  What sets Padel apart from other racket sports is that it is initially less about technique and power than tennis, so players are on more of a level playing field right from the start.  Scoring is the same as tennis, and the balls used are similar but with a little less pressure.
  • A 400m, six-lane all-weather running track with ancillary athletic facilities, including an eight-lane 100m sprint section.
  • A unique and inclusive outdoor exercise adventure trail based on a pioneering and imaginative approach to exercise and physical wellbeing.  Multiple activity stations incorporate a range of running, jumping, balancing and climbing activities.
  • Ancillary field facilities including a discus / hammer throw cage, 2 x javelin run ups, 2 x long and triple jump run ups with sand pits, a dual pole vault run up with 2 x landing mats and pole sets, a high jump run up with bar stands and jump mat, a steeple chase pit, water jump and a ‘shot put’ circle.
  • A grass infield will provide a landing area for the field events and will be marked out as a football training pitch for winter and spring use.

Sympathetic to the environment and designed with sustainability at their core, the facilities will also benefit from an athletics store with a green roof to support biodiversity.

Chairman of Bluecoat Sports, James Maclean said,

“We are delighted to have finally reached the point when we can announce details of our exciting plans to our members.  The last few years have been tough but if we’ve learned one thing from Covid, it was how much we need and value our health, and the mental and physical benefits of outdoor exercise.

“The outdoor physical adventure trail will introduce an environmentally friendly, educational and sustainable resource which will stimulate pupils and members alike.  It dovetails perfectly with the advances that Christ’s Hospital School is making in providing an expeditionary education for its students that goes far beyond the classroom and promotes physical and emotional development in parallel with academic development.”

The schedule of works has been carefully drawn up to minimise the disruption to the ongoing day-to-day running of Bluecoat Sports and members will be kept updated on any adjustments to the scheduling.

Some frequently asked questions can be found below, which also gives you the opportunity to ask any further questions around this exciting development.

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