Exercise Referral

The Exercise Referral Scheme is an exercise programme open to residents who live in the Horsham District and are referred to us by their GP or healthcare professional via the wellbeing team at Horsham District Council.

The 3-month scheme offers a programme of tailor-made activity here at Bluecoat Sports for the prevention, improvement or management of your health condition. During the scheme, a trained exercise specialist will be on hand to guide and support you.

If you are referred to us, you must be prepared to attend at least 1 exercise sessions per week with the Clubs Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator.


Your first consultation with the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator at Bluecoat Sports Centre is free, then you will be given a discount for the following sessions. 

The full 12 weeks costs £75.00. This option includes use of the Swimming Pool & Fitness Suite as well as selected classes recommended by the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator.  

There is also a pay as you go option, from £4.35 per swim or gym entry. Any classes you attend on a pay as you basis will cost the standard Club price. 

Once you have completed your programme, you may be offered further discounts to encourage you to continue your health & fitness journey.

  1. Initial meeting with your GP or healthcare professional.
  2. You meet the referral criteria.
  3. Your GP or healthcare professional completes and signs Section A of the referral form.
  4. You complete and sign Section B of the form.
  5. You or your healthcare professional will then need to either send or scan/email the form to the Wellbeing Team at Horsham District Council.
  6. The Wellbeing team will register you on the scheme with your chosen facility.
  7. The facility will contact you to arrange an induction/assessment.
  8. You start the course.
  9. At the end of the course, you will receive a questionnaire to complete.
  10. You may be offered an incentive to continue exercising.

Most people with long-term health conditions will be accepted onto the Exercise Referral Scheme. These include asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, as well as depression, anxiety, osteoporosis and plenty of other conditions, including rehabilitation from Long Covid.

The scheme is also open to those recovering from an injury. 

Most people with long-term health conditions can be referred onto the GP Exercise Referral Scheme via their GP or health care professional. All referral forms must go to Horsham District Council Wellbeing.

The Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator will call you to set up your first consultation.

Upon arriving at the Club, please ask for the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator at reception, who will make them aware you are waiting.

The consultation will take place in a quiet and private room where you will go through the reason for referral and how the scheme will benefit you, before putting a plan in place for your exercise sessions to start. This will also be your chance to ask any questions or concerns you may have about the scheme to ensure you feel happy with your exercise prescription prior to starting.

Your exercise referral membership will be set up during this consultation so that you are ready to start straight away.

Once the membership is set up, the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator will book you in for your gym induction which will be 1 hour. During this induction, you will be given an exercise prescription that will be tailored to your needs.

Over the 12 weeks you will be asked to attend a minimum of 1 session a week with the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator, who will take you through your programme. The advice is that you attend 2 exercise session a week to really get the best possible results. This contact time allows you and the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator to discuss your weekly progress and will allow them to update or change anything to help keep you on track and motivated.

Every 4 weeks you will be asked to book in a monthly review to discuss your progress and set out a plan for the next 4 weeks to keep you progressing and keep you motivated through the scheme.

With the advice and guidance of the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator, you will be able to use other facilities that the Club offers and do your own exercise sessions. This is usually advised depending on your specific needs, over the 12 weeks between your weekly session with the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator.

Once the 12 weeks concludes, you will use the last review to discuss your options going forward. You will also be asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your experience over the last 12 weeks.

There will be a range of options to help suit your needs. Membership options will be discussed as well as your exercise prescription plan. This will be advised by the Exercise Referral Co-Ordinator.