Here at Bluecoat Sports we are pleased announce we have been picked to hold training sessions for the SwimBritain event happening in September.

SwimBritain is a series of fun team Swimming relays that take place across Britain every September. It’s all part of the British Gas / British Swimming partnership. Our goal is to inspire 500,000 people across Britain to swim more regularly – and get fit! Anyone can take part – irrespective of fitness levels or Swimming ability.  All you have to do is team up with family and friends and find a SwimBritain event pool near you.
There are ten SwimBritain event pools including the Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park in London, and the Commonwealth Games Pool in Glasgow. There’s also an open water relay in the Great Lake at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, if you’re feeling brave!

We will be holding two sessions a week in the hope to get you to the standard you wish to be for the event. Members and Non Members can sign up by visiting the SwimBritain website.

By using the promotional code below when you sign up, you will help our pool receive free Swimming equipment:


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