A Mixed Start For A Mixed Bag

Bluecoats II V Bluecoats III

Tony Fiveash 3-0 Graham Johnson
David Hutchins 3-0 Matt Peel
David Stanley 3-0 Piers Chadwick
Mike Evans 3-0 Mike Tydd
Pete Dawson 3-1 Tim Backhouse

A good evening was had by all. The highlight, I’m sure all will agree, was Grahams return from a long term injury.

The match of the evening was the 5th string tie, with Tim battling and running well against 2nd team captain Pete.

Bluecoats II and III sit 4th and 9th, respectively, in Division 3.

Captain Fantastic

Although I was technically the ‘Player of the Tie’, which I find essential to mention, the accolade really should belong to Captain Fiveash.

With myself and Simon winning, Bluecoats I got off to a strong start. The third and decisive victory, however, proved to be elusive for both Lee and Marcus.

Tough matches for both left Lee falling short of victory in a 3-1 loss. A good match and one I would certainly like to see again in the return fixture.
Marcus, meanwhile, lost to a girl. This, I also, feel essential to mention.

With the tie set at 2 apiece it was time for Tony to step up. The game included some brilliant shots and lung busting rallies. It was also played in tremendous spirit. Battling back from 1-0 down, the skipper was able to end a quite dramatic night with a 9-7 win in the 5th. Well played that man.

The 1st team currently sit 2nd in Division 2

Fours Scores

A quick quote from the ever honest 4th team Match Report, this time written by Tim ‘still without a win’ Canham;

“First opponents were Middleton IV who arrived at Bluecoats ominously early and proceeded to warm up, drill and practice. These omens were unsettling.”

Bluecoats IV gained 5 points from their opening two matches and sit 7th in Division Four.

Kit Pearman
Club Coach, No.1 and Poster Boy


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