Come and join our parent and baby swim sessions for children aged 3 months to 2 years. You can attend these sessions as a member or a guest, just speak to the reception team at your convenience.

At Bluecoat Sports, our 25m pool is the perfect temperature for young children to enjoy the water and learn to swim, and we pride ourselves on offering junior swimming lessons for all abilities.

View our pool timetable to see when Parent & Baby Drop In sessions happen each week (Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30).

Baby Swimming Drop In Sessions at Bluecoat Sports

What’s involved in our parent and baby drop in sessions

These Bluecoat Sports swimming sessions are supervised by our friendly and experienced Swim Instructors. They help your baby, supported by you, gain confidence in the water and develop their swimming skills.

The sessions include:

  • Adapting to and discovering the water
  • Jumping in the pool
  • Submission and holding their breath in the water
  • Assisted floating
  • Supported kicking
  • Independent kicking
  • Water safety

The Swim Instructors use toys and games to make the sessions fun for everyone. Babies and toddlers will learn to swim in a relaxed environment and it’s rather special way to bond with your child.

Parent Baby Swimming

Swimming for young children

Swimming is an essential life skill but it has many other benefits too. Being in the water helps children build their confidence and learn water safety. For babies and toddlers, swimming helps to develop their cardiovascular function and lung capacity. They also build their muscles and improve their motor skills through the movement in the water.

The Griffith Institute for Educational Research carried out a scientific study, finding “children who learn to swim by the age of five gain significant developmental advantages compared with children who don’t start the activity at a young age.”

They also compared children who had learnt to swim at a young age with their peers and non-swimmers. This showed the children who learned to swim at a young age had improved motor skills, speech and literacy and numeracy skills.

Parent and Baby Swim Drop in Sessions at Bluecoat Sports

Swimming with your child

As studies have shown, swimming from a young age can help children reach their developmental milestones more quickly. Our parent and baby swim sessions have benefits for you as well.

These sessions help you bond with your child, using skin and eye contact as you help them move through the water and learn. There is something rather special about swimming with your young child, guiding and supporting them. Not only that, you will be exercising during the session, while helping your baby or child with their swimming!

Baby Drop In Swimming Sessions

Joining our drop in sessions

Come to our parent and child swimming sessions and escape from the busy world and enjoy some special time with your child. They will gain important life skills and develop other key skills at the same time. We also find children tend to sleep well after their swimming session too!

Please contact us to find out more about baby and toddler swimming. You can call the team on 01403 247 572 or email and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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