The Benefits of Partner Training

So; it’s a new year and a “new you” is in full swing. You’ve bought the kit, signed up to a bunch of classes and have sussed out how to use the gym machines. But what happens when your motivation starts to wane? It wouldn’t be surprising; according to research, 1 in 3 people ditch their New Year resolutions by the end of January.

Staying motivated and keeping the momentum up in the Gym can be tough, especially if you’re new to exercise. Whilst there’s plenty of advice out there on how to stay driven when it comes to your new Gym routine, there’s no doubt that partner training is one of the best ways to stay on track.

What is partner training?

Partner training is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s where you train alongside someone else. Many of us head to the Gym on our own and for lots of people, that’s the best way to exercise and stay focused. But if you’re lacking motivation and need a bit of encouragement, heading to the Gym with a friend could be the answer. Ideally, it’s best to train with someone who has similar goals in mind or someone who has the same fitness level and ability.

What are the benefits of partner training?

The benefits of partner training are extensive:


We’ve all been there: you finish work at 5pm and have your Gym kit with you but really, you just fancy heading home and crashing on the sofa in front of the TV. Or perhaps you’ve woken up early on a Saturday to work out but that snooze button is looking more and more tempting by the minute. But the fact is, if you’ve committed to going to the Gym with a friend or training partner, it’s that bit tougher to bail on them than if you were venturing out alone.

There are only so many excuses you can make to your friend for skipping a workout and having plans to meet someone will do wonders to your motivation to get up and get going.


If you’re incorporating weightlifting into your routine, then a spot partner is hugely important. Having someone there to help you control the weights will result in you having a safer and more beneficial workout. Plus, it saves you having to ask a stranger to pause their workout to help you out.

Healthy competition

We humans are naturally competitive and training alongside a partner could push you that bit further as you undertake some healthy competition. Why not challenge your training partner to a sprint challenge on the stationery bikes or try to beat each other’s personal best on the rowing machine? So long as you always keep safety in mind, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of competition in the Gym every now and then.


By working out with someone else, you could benefit from learning some new routines or techniques that could vary your workout. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut at the gym, especially as you grow stronger and more confident. Working out with someone new could introduce you to some new methods and practices that you’d not considered before that could really benefit and enhance your end goals.

So, if you’re looking to up your game and fancy training alongside someone else, grab a friend or get chatting to someone in the Gym who seems to have a similar ability and suggest a spot of partner training. It could be the difference between a stale exercise routine and one that truly helps you achieve your fitness goals. You can also read our recent blog that covers all the hottest fitness buddies and technology to help keep you motivated.