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Out of the corner of my eye I saw yet another spoonful of food plummeting towards my cheek, but I didn’t flinch. It was more than welcome to join the other five spoonfuls of spaghetti bolognaise that had made themselves at home on various parts of my body during this lunchtime…or was that one strawberry milkshake from breakfast?

As you might be able to tell, I am the mother of an absolutely adorable three year old who has bundles, and I mean bundles, of energy – meaning that I am tired and covered in baby food around 23 hours of the day.

But on a Wednesday lunchtime I take a sneaky peak at the clock and when it is almost 12.30 I turn into a very happy mum! After feeding the little one, getting her ready and packing us up, we jump in the car with smiles on our faces because it’s almost time for Mini Gym! She’s always just as excited as me and generally shows this by chanting “meeni jimma, meeni jimma, meeni jimma” all the way there. We arrive and after a sloppy kiss on the cheek she runs into class and I know it’s time for me to have a swim.

I dive into the pool and feel a sense of calm…minus the quiet ringing in my ears that most mothers of young ones generally have.


A few lengths in and the Frozen soundtrack creeps into my head – ‘let it goooo, let it gooo!’ I sing in my head as I pace up and down the pool. Half an hour passes and I get ready to pick up princess from Mini Gym.

This simple routine makes me feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! Or at least get through tea time. And the little one is joyfully exhausted from her class.

So husbands, partners, friends andcoffee relatives…this Mother’s Day, although we appreciate the macaroni encrusted photos, just keep the little ones busy and let us mums have half an hour of freedom in the pool or work off our stresses in a Spin class…and perhaps sit down to a frothy coffee in the café after!


Anonymous Bluecoats Mummy x

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