Looking for something for the kids to do during the holidays? Book them onto a four to five day Bluecoat Sports intensive swimming course, which run during school holidays and can be booked in advance. They will have fun, keep fit and learn new skills during our week long swimming courses in our 25 metre pool.

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Junior swimming

What’s an intensive swimming course?

These are four to five day crash courses, with children coming every day for a 30 minute swimming lesson. These intensive swimming courses are designed to help children improve quickly over a short period of time, with children learning faster by training every day, remembering the skills they have learnt and building upon them. We find that the knowledge stays fresh in their minds and they look forward to their session the following day!

Plus the children love getting their certificates of attendance for completing the daily sessions throughout the week.

Junior intensive swimming course

Which classes are run as intensive courses?

Bluecoat Sports have a range of intensive courses for children, to suit all abilities. Typically you can choose from:

  • Beginners
  • Improvers
  • Front Crawl/Backstroke Clinic
  • Breaststroke/Butterfly Stroke Clinic
  • Rookie Lifesaving
  • Snorkelling

If you are unsure which course is suitable for your child, please contact us and we can help you work out which one would work best for them. We often find children enjoy the classes so much and improve so quickly, they book one course the first week and another course the second week!

Lots of our younger swimmers have started with an intensive beginners course and then moved through the courses, finishing with Rookie Lifesaving and Snorkelling.

Intensive swimming course

Why choose an intensive swimming course?

There are beginner classes for children who want to start with the basics and need to learn to swim. We also find many children have learnt to swim with parents on holiday or in a local pool, or perhaps at school with many children in the class. They can swim but could do with some more confidence in the water, or fine tuning on their swim strokes to help them swim faster and more efficiently.

Many children find they prefer one stroke to another, for example breaststroke to butterfly. Our crash courses can help them improve all their strokes and really learn to love their time in the water.

Intensive swimming course for children

Available for all abilities

Whether your little one is just starting their swimming journey, needs to get the hang of how to breathe properly during front crawl or wants to get to grips with flippers and a snorkel, we have an intensive swimming course to suit them.

The holidays are a perfect time to hone those swimming skills, ready for your next holiday or the following term at school. Our qualified swimming instructors make sure the sessions are fun and educational and you’ll notice a marked change by the end of the week.

Swimming courses for children

When are the intensive swimming courses?

Our intensive swimming courses are usually run during the school holidays including Easter, summer, Christmas and half-terms. We can add you to our mailing list so you are one of the first to find out the dates and which courses we are running.

The swimming courses are fantastic for keeping the kids entertained and active during the holidays, whilst learning new skills. You can sit and watch for the 30 minute lesson poolside or use the WiFi in our cafe and catch up with work emails over a coffee!

Please contact reception on 01403 247 572 to find out more details about our intensive swimming courses for children during the school holidays.

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