Why Shower Before Swimming?

We’ve all been guilty of skipping the pre-swim shower once or twice, right? It’s chilly and you can’t be bothered and you just want to jump in that pool! But that quick wash in the shower is actually REALLY important, and here’s why.

Having a thorough shower with soap will help send your perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and more down the drain, which goes a long way to reducing the ‘yuck’ factor for everyone who shares the pool.

But there’s more!

You know the smell of chlorine? If you think that a strong smell of chlorine relates to a clean and sanitised pool then you’re not alone. Around 38% of people agreed with this thought, but it’s the opposite!

That smell we all know and love from our childhood holidays and Swimming lessons is actually produced when chlorine reacts with impurities brought in from swimmers’ bodies.

Okay, now for the really yucky stuff.

If swimmers don’t shower before their dip, then it can increase the risk of waterborne illnesses such as diarrhoea, swimmer’s ear and skin infections.

Chlorine does help disinfect bacteria to protect swimmers, but it’s not instantaneous…so get in that shower!

95% of the public believe swimmers are responsible for helping to maintain a healthy pool.

That means you probably agree, which is great! So the next step you can take to improving the cleanliness of your pool is a step into the shower.



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