Getting into the Christmas Spirit Cabinet

Wins for teams 1, 3 and 4 made the month of December a successful one.

These successes are most likely down to the team Christmas Meal in late November. Said festive tradition was brought forward so crisis talks could be held regarding the state of the Bluecoat Teams.

As a group we came to the conclusion that the answers to success are not found at the bottom of an empty bottle. We looked in loads of different ones; just to make sure.

Word of our Curry House epiphanies must have reached as far as Midhurst, resulting in their 3rd team to not even bother showing up and gifting our 4th team a resounding 5-0 win.

Arun did at least turn up and give it a go, but were simply not strong enough to compete with the new found form of the 3rd team.

An up and down season so far ended 2014 on a high for the 1st team. A convincing home win over Midhurst was enough to secure 4th place for Christmas, just 14 points off the top of the table.

Another festive tradition took place this week as 11 of us turned out for the Christmas doubles tournament.

Given mine and Jon Tuckers dominance of last year’s annual smash up, the rules were changed to suit the lesser athletes of the club.

Therefore congratulations are in order for David Hutchins and Tony Fiveash, as they hacked their way to victory.

I do hope a good Christmas was had by all and I wish good health and happiness to all throughout the New Year.

For those of you who may be unsure where to find and achieve good health and happiness, it can be located on Court 1 in the presence of myself for a simple fee of £23.

Kit Pearman
Club Coach, No.1 and Poster Boy


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