Benefits Of Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a strength sport that features heavy resistance exercises with barbell weight equipment. At Bluecoat Sports our brand new lifting technique class, Power Hour, utilises barbells, kettlebells, and functional movements to build your strength whilst teaching you how to lift under the guidance of our expert instructors.

To understand more about powerlifting before you get stuck in, we have put together this blog of the benefits. Learn all about powerlifting workouts and the benefits below. Book onto our new Power Hour class today and enjoy a new fitness regime.

Benefits of Powerlifting

Improved strength

It’s fairly obvious that powerlifting results in a build up of strength and muscle growth. It’s a great sport for those who want to target building muscle, as it involves a lot of heavy weights. Powerlifters try to lift as much weight as possible, to build up a lot of strength over time. 

Powerlifting targets a range of muscle groups through the three main lifts: barbell squat, bench press and deadlift.

Skeletal health

Strong muscles lead to strong bones. Powerlifters often have very strong bones as a result of frequent powerlifting. This means that they have a lower risk of fractures, spinal cord injuries, and other health issues regarding bones. The deadlift exercise is also great for strengthening your spine, which improves your posture.

Powerlifting can also have long term effects, as having strong muscles and bones can also slow down the loss of bone density and mass as you age. Powerlifting could be key in ensuring that you stay mobile and independent into your old age.

Overall athletic abilities

Aside from just being strong, powerlifting training can help you in other athletic areas. Studies have shown that squat strength can enable you to sprint better and even jump larger heights due to the strength centred in your legs.

Mental fortitude

Powerlifting takes great determination and patience. Reaching your fitness goals and seeing the difference between your starting strength and your current maximum weight strength can fill you with an immense sense of achievement. This can boost your confidence and be great for your mental health.

Weight loss

As with other forms of exercise, powerlifting exercises can affect your body weight. Exercises such as the bench press and squat require repeated actions which will burn calories over time. Powerlifting can also have great long term effects on your metabolism.

However, if weight loss is your only goal, powerlifting alone may not be the right form of exercise for you. If you are unsure of what may suit you best, why not contact us about our personal trainers? They are able to help put together the ideal fitness plan to match you and your goals.


Outside of the benefits to your physical health, powerlifting has a great community surrounding it. Other lifters come together to create a great community that can offer expert advice for those interested.

Advanced powerlifting

Many athletes compete in powerlifting competitions. This is a much more advanced style of powerlifting, but for those who wish to persevere with this style of fitness, competition lifts may be the path to choose. With different weight classes and age categories available, competitions and national championships are open to many powerlifters.

Powerlifting competition lifts can be either raw powerlifting or equipped powerlifting. In raw powerlifting (or unequipped competitions), you are only allowed the use of knee sleeves for minimal support during the lift. Equipped lifters are allowed to use knee wraps, wrist wraps and reinforced squat suits to gain more assistance during the lift.

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