Here at Bluecoat Sports we offer after school swimming lessons for school aged children during the week and on Saturday mornings. Children of all ages and abilities can join a lesson in our 25m swimming pool that caters to their current level of swimming, developing their skills with our professionally trained Swim School Instructors.

The Bluecoat Swim Schools runs from 16:00-18:00 Monday to Friday. Check our pool timetable for updates.

Swimming Lessons at Bluecoat Sports

The benefits of our after school swimming lessons

  • Small class groups, personalised tuition
  • See children improve their confidence and skills
  • Taught by trained Swim School Instructors
  • Fit swimming into their daily routine
  • Watch from a poolside viewing area

Your child will learn to swim and develop their skills in a safe and structured environment. Our experienced Swim School Instructors make lessons fun and entertaining. After a day at school, it is a great way to work off some energy and continue learning at the same time.

After school lessons help children develop their swimming skills whilst having fun and making new friends. By coming each week, the children build a routine and have a commitment to their lessons.

Swimming after school may help your child fall asleep quicker in the evening! They should have a deeper sleep following an active swim session which is very beneficial to growth and development.

Saturday sessions available

We do understand that not all children will have the energy for a class after school, so we do hold lessons at the weekend as well. Saturday swimming lessons are a great way to start the weekend with some exercise!

Bluecoat Swim School runs on Saturdays from 09:00-12:00. Check our pool timetable for updates

Children's Swimming Lessons

Your child’s progress

The Swim School Instructors constantly monitor the children’s individual progress, and assess them regularly to make sure they are in the right class. As children progress they will move up to the next stage.

Some schools may offer children swimming lessons as part of the school day. It’s good to view these as a ‘bonus’ swimming session rather than a replacement for after school swimming lessons. After school lessons will have smaller groups of children in each class so they receive more personalised tuition.

Generally, school swimming lessons are not as intensive or as focused either. As with everything, practice helps so these school swimming lessons are a good top session for our after school lessons.

More about Learn To Swim

Swimming Lessons at Bluecoat Sports

Why is swimming important?

It’s important children learn to swim. A survey by the Royal Life Saving Society reported drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK. The survey showed only 33% of parents were confident that their child knew how to be safe near water.

Swimming is an essential skill, not only to keep children safe but to enable them to enjoy the water. If they can swim, this opens up a world of other activities to them including canoeing, paddle-boarding and having fun at water parks!

Interestingly, a study into the cognitive benefits of swimming lessons for children (Jorgensen 2013), reported that children participating in regular swimming lessons were between six and 12 months ahead of the norm in physical skills, cognitive skills, mathematics, language development, counting and ability to follow instructions.

Swimming Lessons at Bluecoats

Watching your child swim

You can choose to watch your child each week as we have a viewing area for parents to sit poolside. You will be able to see how they are progressing and having fun! We also have a lovely cafe where you can enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat, plus there’s WiFi if you need to catch up on some emails.

Please get in touch to find out more about our after school swimming classes. We will be happy to advise on which class is suitable for your child based on their age and ability.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our Swimming Programme, please email us on or contact reception on 01403 247 572 .

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