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Do you want to get fit, tone and burn loads of calories whilst having fun? Our fantastic range of high and low intensity aerobics classes offers full body workouts with many health benefits such as strengthening muscles, reducing stress whilst getting the heart pumping!

Aerobic exercise helps you keep your weight at a healthy level, the physical activity reduces your risk of developing some diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

With a healthy body comes a healthy mind! Not only does aerobic exercise keep you fit physically, but it also helps to reduce stress and helps boost your mood. If you want to increase the aerobic activity you do each week to maintain your health and improve your fitness, how about joining one of our Bluecoat Sports aerobics classes?

Discover some of the classes on offer below and view our online timetable to book a class. Did you know we offer a class only membership? Find out more and sign up today here.

Step Aerobics Class at Bluecoat Sports

Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics classes are a fantastic workout for those of you who enjoy a fun and interesting session set to music. Using the elevated step to work through a wide range of motions, you follow various routines with our instructors to work your whole body.

Step Aerobics gives you a great cardio workout and is suitable for any level of fitness and ages 14 and upwards. The height of the step can be altered to give more intense movements and burn more calories throughout the workout. You don’t need any special guidance or training to do Step, plus it doesn’t place your joints under severe pressure, which is just one reason why this class is so popular! This workout boosts your cardiovascular health; burning calories, building strength and reducing fat. With easy to follow moves, it’s a great class to try for any level of fitness.

Body Blast

If you’re looking for a motivating, supercharged full body aerobics class then Body Blast is the session for you. Body Blast is a medium to high energy aerobics class combining weight training, bodyweight training and core stability training to burn calories and lose weight. This high energy exercise class gives you a total body workout targeting as many muscle groups as possible. Ages 14 upwards can join in our Body Blast sessions which are suitable for all abilities – no previous experience required!

Boxcersise training class in Bluecoat Sports HorshamBoxercise

Boxercise is the world number one in boxing fitness training and possibly the best stress busting workout! Boxercise aerobics classes are suitable for ages 14 and upwards all abilities and incorporates a number of boxing moves and techniques to strengthen muscles and promote weight loss. During the strength training session you’ll workout using a variety of activities including skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, and shuttle runs. Boxercise gives you a safe, challenging and great workout and many people become hooked on this class!

Boxfit in the outdoor gym: the fitness yard at bluecoat sportsBoxfit

A full body workout that will challenge not only your cardiovascular fitness but also help boost your strength and endurance through the combination of bodyweight and free weight exercises. Prepare to sweat!

Classes are held in our outdoor fitness yard and include a mixture of intense activity and rests of lighter activities which are suitable for all fitness abilities and anyone over the age of 16.

Circuits classes at Bluecoat Sports HorshamCircuit Training

This is an excellent aerobics workout to improve your mobility, strength and stamina. Circuit training is a form of cardiovascular conditioning; combining resistance training and high intensity aerobics which is easy to follow and gives you a whole body workout, targeting all major muscle groups. The class is built around a number of exercise workstations that are completed one after another. Circuit sessions never become routine though as they are very versatile and our instructors keep mixing them up to keep the classes varied and interesting. This class is suitable for ages 14 and upwards.

Dance Fusion

For those of you looking for a really fun aerobic workout, Dance Fusion could be just perfect! Get your groove on with this dance exercise class, combining two or more dance styles to create a new dance aesthetic. The class is instructor led and brings an improvised way of aerobic dance to any style of music, from good old classics to the latest hits. You’ll be inspired to work out with awesome routines designed to get your heart rate up whilst having fun. This class is suitable for all abilities and for ages 14 upwards.

Legs, Bums and Tums

This aerobics classes does what it says in the title! Legs, Bums and Tums helps you tone up, firm up and burn fat from your tummy, hips, thighs and bottom. This aerobics class focuses on legs, bums and tums using body weight exercises. You can join this class from age 14 upwards and you don’t need any experience for this one, just come along and join in.

Indoor Cycling at BluecoatsGroup Cycling

Indoor Cycling is an endurance based aerobic exercise using our top of the range Matrix spin bikes. Indoor group cycling classes are high intensity ‘HIIT’ workouts with intervals and recovery periods to really get your metabolism working efficiently. Our indoor group cycling instructors use music, motivation and enthusiastic coaching to lead you through a ride that best suits your fitness level and goals. Once you’ve started with group cycling you may never stop as we find many people love the workout this fitness routine gives them.

Group Cycling is suitable for all abilities and ages 14 and upwards.

More about Indoor Cycling

Move It Class in the Outdoor Gym in BluecoatsMove It

Hosted in our amazing outdoor gym, Move It is a high-calorie burning experience that is aimed at incorporating strength, cardio and core in one amazing class!

This ultimate whole body workout uses a variety of equipment from the Fitness Yard, our outdoor fitness area to make you work hard, but most importantly train with a smile on your face. This class is suitable for all levels of ability and for anyone over the age of 14.

Senior Fit and Senior Gym

The Bluecoat Sports instructors understand our more mature participants need exercise sessions tailored to their requirements. It’s important to stay fit and healthy at any age, and our Senior Fit and Senior Gym aerobics exercise helps you do this in a safe way. Senior Fit is a cardiovascular exercise session set to music to keep things fun and interesting. Our Senior Gym sessions take place in the gym with a dedicated instructor to help you get the most out of your gym experience.

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