Bluecoat Sports Sauna Reopens

We are pleased to announce that our Sauna in Horsham has now reopened! After a long period where the Sauna was shut due to COVID, we are pleased that after a full refurbishment that it’s now reopened looking better than ever!

Take a tour of our refurbished sauna:

Members who either have Swim Only or any full membership can access the Sauna as part of their membership. Take a look at our memberships and sign up today!

Why use a Sauna?

There are a range of mental and physical health benefits to using a Sauna, some of the main ones include:

  • The Sauna brings about relaxation either after a tiresome gym workout or a leisurely swim.
  • As the heart rate increases due to the heat of the Sauna, blood vessels dilate increasing the blood flow to the skin. Our nervous system becomes active in order to maintain a temperature balance within the body.
  • A dry Sauna such as ours has been shown to alleviate pain which is also due to the increased blood flow ultimately reducing tension in joints and muscles.

Are there any risks to using a Sauna?

Saunas do still come with their risks, with the most prevalent being dehydration. Here are some of our top tips for enjoying our Horsham Sauna safely:

  • Please keep a drink with you when you are in the Sauna.
  • Time spent in the Sauna should be kept to around 20 minutes, where the optimum health benefits have been shown.
  • First time users should spend a maximum of 5 – 10 minutes, but as the body becomes more tolerant to heat, then the duration can be increased.
  • You will notice a “Sauna how to” guide when you enter explaining all the benefits and risks associated when using the Sauna. Make sure you read this before use.

Using the Bluecoat Sports Sauna

Please do not bring any oils into the Sauna or anything that could potentially disrupt the heat distribution.

Please note that the Sauna is closed when the Swimming pool is in use for Christs Hospital students, so please keep checking the pool timetable.

If you’d like to use our Sauna, sign up for our Swim Only membership or one of our full memberships today!