Tai Chi

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Tai Chi training

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese Martial Art, which can be practised on many levels. Based upon the Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang this system seeks to provide a balance in the physical and mental state of the student. It can be used for health, relaxation and self-defence or as a form of meditation, improving concentration and awareness.

You do not require a high level of fitness to begin training, there is no special equipment and you can progress at your own speed.

Most people are familiar with Tai Chi Chuan Handforms. Whenever you see travelogues of China they usually include images of people practising these slow, graceful movements. Handforms help relaxation, coordination, posture and body awareness.

The slowness of the movements promote deep and regular breathing, resulting in a peaceful mind and improved concentration, while offering a balanced exercise routine to muscles, joints and tendons. Some also believe the movements promote the flow of “Chi” energy.


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