MATRIX Training Cycles

Indoor Cycling Classes

Bluecoat Sports Indoor Group Cycling classes are high intensity ‘HIIT’ workouts, and are one of the most efficient workouts you can do. The classes are a great cardio session, with short bursts of hard work and a short recovery before the next burst.

A ‘HIIT’ indoor cycling session gets you working harder, increasing your oxygen intake which leads to a greater calorie burn. The high-intensity cardio increases your metabolic rate so you even continue to burn calories after the session ends!

Suitable For : Anyone aged 14+

Class Duration : 45 mins

Equiptment Needed : Towel

Memberships Included : Full, Classes, PAYGO

What level are the Indoor Group Cycling Classes?

Whether you are a complete beginner on the bikes or training to be the next Chris Hoy or Laura Trott, you can join one of our indoor group cycling classes. Riders of any level can train together as our state of the art MATRIX CXP Target Training Cycles work to your individual ability. Experienced riders can use the resistance dials to give themselves a challenging ride, whilst beginners can be more restrained.

How does a Group Cycling Session help me?

Training on an indoor bike reduces the risk of injury and is easier on your joints as it gives you a low-impact workout. Indoor cycling helps shape up your legs by targeting your calves, hamstrings and thighs. Plus, your abdominal muscles are strengthened as they work to maintain your upper body rhythm during the session.

You will also benefit from our indoor group cycling instructors motivating you through the session. They use music and enthusiastic coaching to help you work to your fitness level and goals during the cycling session. But it’s not just our instructors that work with you during the session, our state of the art MATRIX CXP Target Training Cycles do too!

What are the MATRIX Training Cycles?

These MATRIX Training Cycles are truly amazing. They feature advanced engineering, enhanced comfort, and a flashy new Target Training Display so you can work to your own personal ability towards your goals.

The Target Training Display on the MATRIX Training Cycles is an intuitive touchscreen with engaging graphics. The LED colour wrap helps you achieve your goals whether the indoor cycling class is tracking watts, calories, RPMs, heart rate or distance. The torque sensor on the bikes directly measures watts within 2% accuracy so you can effectively track your riding efficiency and power output.

Can I set the MATRIX Training Cycle to my ability?

You can fine tune your ride during the indoor group cycling session using the MATRIX Training Cycles Magnetic Resistance. The bikes have contact-free magnetic resistance providing smooth, repeatable adjustments to help you set the bike exactly as you want it.

The bikes also enjoy advanced ergonomics and adjustments, optimising the position of your hips, knees, and feet. There is an intuitive four-way adjustment on the bikes. This has a quick-touch operation and easy seat-tilt adjustment, making customising the bike effortless.

Want to join one of our indoor cycling classes? Our interactive online class timetable enables you to pick and choose your classes over the coming fortnight, so book online now and try indoor cycling on our fantastic MATRIX Training Cycles for yourself.

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