COVID-19 Bluecoat Nursery Information

Publish Date: 01/06/2020

Our Commercial Manager Mike Abbott discusses the risk assessment report and outcome for the Bluecoat Sports Nursery.

The guidance below is subject to change and improvement as we continue through this unique time. Please remember that it’s new for everyone – both staff and customers, and we ask that everyone please be respectful and mindful of each other.

Dear Parents/Carers

The government has announced that all children can start to return to nurseries and early years settings from the 1st June 2020. As I am sure you are aware there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needs to take place to ensure that this transition is safe, not only from a health perspective, but also from an emotional and wellbeing perspective.

Therefore, our plan is as follows:

  • Subject to government advice remaining the same, from 1st June 2020 all children will be welcome to return to nursery. I will be in touch before then to ask if you would like to send your child back however, we do understand if you would rather keep them at home with you. If after 1st June, you decide that you would like them to return before the end of term, please let me know. Likewise, if you send them back to nursery and then decide that you would prefer to keep them at home please speak to me.
  • We are putting the following in place to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 however, when working with such young children whose innate drive is to be social and play we cannot guarantee that they will be social distancing throughout the whole session.
  • Before 1st June we will group the children, taking friendships into account. We will then allocate specific non-changeable nursery days to you. Your child will remain with this group (maximum 10 children) during the rest of the term.
  • You will be given specific arrival and collection times (5 minutes apart from other families) and we request that you wait for the previous parent to leave nursery before you walk up the path from the carpark to hand over your child at the door. Parents/carers will only enter the nursery if absolutely necessary. We ask that children and families avoid non-essential travel and arrive by car, taxi, bike or walking where possible.
  • On arrival your child’s temperature will be taken and we will wash or sanitise their hands before they go off to play. Staff will be wearing aprons and gloves and we will wash our hands and your child’s hands at regular intervals throughout the morning. The toilets and basin will be cleaned after each use. Toys, surfaces and equipment will be disinfected at regular intervals and all activities will be cleaned before being put away.
  • Toys/comforters from home will not be permitted.
  • Staff will be wearing clean clothes every day to minimise infection and we would prefer that the children do the same. We will be encouraging the children to play outside as much as possible so please send them in appropriate clothing for this. If the weather is nice, please can your child bring in a clearly named sunhat and with sun lotion already applied as we will not be able to do this for them unfortunately.
  • Children who are doing lunch club will need to bring a packed lunch with them with food ideally stored in containers they can open themselves and with any fruit pre-cut to minimise staff having to handle their lunch. Please can you put an icepack in their lunch box to keep their food cool. We will ensure the children are socially distanced at snack and lunchtime.
  • Staff will only be able to cuddle your child if they are physically hurt to protect both the child and staff. If your child becomes upset for any other reason, we will do our best to comfort and distract them however, if we are unable to do so we will call you to come and collect them.
  • If we feel a child is unwell or has a temperature of 37.8 or more, they will be isolated before being sent home. Please advise me if you have given them any medication in the morning.
  • If your child has a temperature, cough, sore throat or is generally under the weather please advise me and DO NOT send them in. Additionally, they must not attend if a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms. Should we need to close due to a staff member or child having COVID-19 symptoms this will be for 14 days during which time an electrostatic clean of nursery will be done.

This list is not exhaustive there are other measures we are taking to reduce the spread of infection however, these are the ones that are important for you to be aware of. You are welcome to read our risk assessment on request via our email or in person.

Kind Regards,

The Bluecoat Sports Team

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