Working At Bluecoat Sports – Contributing to Success

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At Bluecoat’s, we focus on the employee as the most important aspect of any role. Our approach when we recruit is to look for the raw talents within an individual, how they might come across in a variety of situations and how much desire they will have to contribute to the success of the Bluecoat’s team.

To help every team member to contribute to the success of the business we have created 4 key areas. They explain the attention we give to customer service, what we’ll do to be effective leaders, how we’ll communicate with our customers and each other and how we’ll make sure we understand the key drivers of our business.   We call these areas the 4 pillars as they support the way we apply ourselves every day.

Contributing to Success – the 4 Pillars

  • IMG_8561Customer Service – Make customers feel valued by listening and responding in the appropriate time frame. We may not know all of the answers to the questions but we will go the extra mile to find them out. We understand that our customers and our colleagues all have something in common with ourselves; we are all human and share feelings so it is important to treat each other as you would expect to be treated.
  • Leadership – We all aim to be leaders and to inspire others. We lead by example and understand that our effectiveness as leaders is governed by the actions that we take and how these actions are viewed by internal and external customers. All staff strive to set a positive example in their daily lives.
  • Communication – We understand that positive communication and using honest appreciation of other achievements in a variety of formats is essential to successful leadership. Being a good listener and being able to talk in terms of the other person’s interest is key to understanding customer needs and outlining expectations.
  • Commercial Understanding – We understand that all decisions impact the business and we continually assess how they affect customer service, our ability to lead by example and the effectiveness of how we communicate our expectations.   We understand the importance of each action and ensure that no opportunity is wasted.

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We want our staff to shape and grow the business and it is important to get involved with the activities and initiatives that we have on offer. This is why we offer discounted Membership as part of our employment package and we encourage you to use it! We offer a sliding scale Membership scheme which can include your family as well.

We believe in a learning environment, a workplace where you are allowed to learn from your mistakes and grow as a person. This is why we have created a vibrant Work Experience Programme which introduces School pupils to the workplace in a safe environment giving them an insight into the world of work and being an employee but also to experience a job interview, daily tasks and staff interaction.

We aim to ensure that you have the necessary skills and experience to progress within the business and provide you with tools to benefit the business in the future or decide to take those qualities further afield to continue your development and life experience.

We don’t just focus on school leavers and our aim is for a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are proud to already have a wide range of skills and knowledge within the team as we feel experience mixed with enthusiasm is a fantastic combination.


Employee Age Length of Service

We are very proud to have had some excellent staff work for us (and still work for us), here are just a couple that have very different stories.