August 2019

Here at the club we continually strive to keep our facilities and services to a high standard regularly enhancing areas including communication and member’s individual wants and needs. While there is always work to be made in these areas and naturally not every member request can be facilitated our aim is to improve what we have to offer you. By way of doing this we have introduced a Members Forum Group. The Members Forum Group will meet once a quarter at the club giving us face to face contact and realistic, first hand feedback gained from you as members.

The Members Forum Group has been handpicked as they give a varied representation as users of the club and between them currently use or have used all of the facilities on offer. They all express a solid interest and passion for the club and its members and users. The Members Forum is a changeable group, therefore if you have a vested interest and would like to become part of this then do contact us directly.

As you would expect our Members Forum representatives use the club regularly throughout the week, they are happy to collate feedback for any upcoming forums and will feedback to members verbally on top of the current clubs channels of communication.

Jackie Geoghegan
Length of membership 25 years

Membership No. 10!

One of our original members Jackie regularly attends LBT, Step, Indoor Cycling and the Fitness Suite she also enjoys Swimming and makes use of the Sauna.

Anya King
Length of membership 1 and a half years

Anya attends Body Combat, LBT, Step, Body Pump, Dance Fusion, Body Balance, Boxercise and uses of the Tennis courts along with Swimming and the Fitness Suite, Anya’s husband is also a regular of the club attending Indoor Cycling, TRX & Swimming.

Kathy Wiffen
Length of membership 7 years

Kathy’s children have been through the Crèche, Kids Activities, Swim School and Kathy attends any class she can get on to and has done them all.

Graham Lawrence
Length of membership 15 years along with his wife Helen.

Graham attends Body Pump, the Fitness Suite 3 times per week, Swimming, Indoor Cycling, Circuits and TRX.  Graham’s wife Helen is also active with Body Combat, LBT, Body Balance, Body Pump, TRX and Yoga.

Emma Picton
Length of membership 1 and a half years.

Emma attends Body Combat, LBT, the Fitness Suite, Kids Swimming classes, Creche, Mighty Minis and Mini Gym

All of the member forum use the club throughout the week and if you see them they are happy to collate feedback for any upcoming forums, they will also feedback to members on top of our normal channels of communication.


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