Fun Splash is exactly as it sounds; we put ALL the floats in the swimming pool, including the mats, frogs and ring floats, and everyone can get in and have some fun! It’s a great way for the kids to work off some energy and enjoy themselves in the pool. Plus they’ll be improving their swimming skills without even realising it!

Fun Splash

Who can join in Fun Splash?

The whole family can enjoy our fun swimming sessions. If your children are aged 8 years old and can swim then they can go in the pool without you, however we do ask that you swim too with younger children. We do always have our trained lifeguard on duty watching over the session as well.

Fun Splash

Why do Fun Splash?

Have fun and keep fit

Not only is Fun Splash a really enjoyable session for the children but it’s a great way to work off some energy and keep fit. Climbing on and off the floats, swimming from one to the next and pushing them along in the water takes some effort for our smaller swimmers!

Suitable for all abilities

It’s a session children of all abilities can take part in, whether they are confident swimmers having some fun or if you’re helping them ride on the floats and pushing them along. This means the whole family can join in and have fun together, no matter how well they can swim. We find some of our swimmers are happy just floating round on the frog floats for the session!

Enjoyable for the whole family

Fun Splash is a great family activity for the weekend. It gives you quality time with the kids whilst they improve their swimming and get some exercise! The sessions help parent and child bonding as well as peer to peer bonding; many of the children meet up each week at Fun Splash and make friends with other children in the session.

Interactive and imaginative!

This is one of our most interactive and lively swimming sessions with plenty of colour and activity in the pool. The children love joining in as they can choose which floats to use and how to use them. It’s a great way of stimulating their imagination as we often see children playing games and role-playing whilst swimming with the floats.

Fun Splash Activities

When is Fun Splash?

You can join us every Saturday and Sunday during term time for our Fun Splash sessions in the swimming pool. We also run the sessions at various times during the school holidays. You can bring the children and either join them in the pool or watch from the sidelines. We think once you see how much fun they are having you’ll want to join in too though!

Please have a look at our pool timetable to find out when the next Fun Splash session is being held in the swimming pool. We look forward to seeing you there!

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