The popularity of processed food is going up. The main reason is that it’s convenient and affordable. However, with all the sugar, salt, preservatives and fat, processed food are not something you want to eat if you want to be healthy. Even though the temptation is strong and many times it’s much simpler to eat them than go for a healthy alternative, you should try to avoid them. What kinds of processed food are the worst? Here’s the top 10:

Chicken Nuggets –  They are readily available, mouthwatering and tasty. However, they are bad for you. You would rather consume grilled skinless chicken breast or chicken strips if you want to eat chicken meat. Whether you buy them from your local restaurant or out of your freezer, chicken nuggets are high in preservatives, fat and salt and has no benefit for your body.

French Fries - Very few realize the amount of calories contained even in the smallest serving of French fries.  Besides high calories, it offers very little nutritional value for your body. Eating french fries are linked to obesity and raised blood sugar level.

White rice – Oh yeah! White rice. You thought it was healthy did not you? Not many people know that it is a processed food. Plus a lot of people prefer white rice because it is easy to cook and relatively cheap, but just like other processed foods white rice offers you little nutrition.  If you want to remain healthy consider buying wild or brown rice though it is more expensive and takes longer to cook.

Potato chips - People love to eat potato chips as a regular snack not knowing that they are undermining their health. Potato chips are rich in preservatives, salt and calories and provide little or no nutritional value.

Soda -Drinking a lot of soda even the sugar free ones is unhealthy. Do not get fooled by marketing and do not consume even diet soda. It might have 0 calories, but artificial sweetener is even worse than regular sugar. Yes, it’s okay to have a glass once in a while, but do not drink sodas daily if you care about your health.

Processed meat -Processed meat does not contain sugar, but they are loaded with preservatives that you don’t want to put in your body. Instead of eating processed meat you can go for the organic. It can be more expensive, but the hospital bills can be much higher later in your life.

Sugary cereals – A lot of households use cereals for breakfast, most of these cereals are rich in added sugars and contain preservatives and lack dietary fiber. When purchasing your breakfast cereals go for those that contain less sugar and provides lots of fiber.

Blended Coffee – Most of the blended coffees from your local coffee shop without the added cream contains approximately 300 calories.If you want to remain healthy avoid blended coffee drinks.  Black coffee on the other hand contains 5 calories. So, if you love to start a day with a cup of coffee, make sure you go for a black one.

Hot dogs – Everyone loves them, but they aren’t good for your health as they are rich in saturated fat. If you must eat hot dogs try the veggies dogs. They are healthier.

Margarine – It is an alternative of butter and lots of people use it. If you want to be healthy, don’t be one of them. Margarine is full of trans fats that is linked to many health related problems.